haunted house carnival bay area

There are some very different sort of behaviors you get from guests when it comes to reactions in a haunted house and if you have visited a couple of times but don’t know yet how to react and how to behave then this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to act in a haunted house, there is no written law or rules that you have to follow or there aren’t any penalties on behavior but there is one unwritten rule that you shouldn’t touch the performers and they would do the same, they are seasoned performers and know how to scare you without laying a finger on you, yes there are some types of haunted houses that involves physical interaction but that is when you have submitted to that.

For a new visitor you must know that you shouldn’t laugh or scream or even yell at the performers, a really important tip that helped me gain my composure after being spooked was to jump a bit and that helped me not yell and or even start laughing at the situation because as adults we know it is all playacting and one important tip is that do something lighthearted before going to the haunted house because it will help you keep calm because a lot of people are already scared before the event has even started and that translates into more fear.

Breathing correctly would also help you, take deep breathes and stay with your friend and most importantly wear what is comfortable and if you follow these simple things your experience at a haunted house would be great, for me the most extreme haunted houses in Ohio is carnival of horrors and I visit it as much as I can.