laser etched metal business cards

NFCs have changed the way people look at business cards, but regardless of the fact that that happens to be the case there are a few things that you should keep in mind about them that might give you pause. One complaint that quite a few people tend to make about NFC business cards is that they might cause a few security issues here and there, and suffice it to say that these concerns may very well be valid even though they are not quite as serious as people try to claim they are.

The main security concern that can come with Metal Kards that have NFCs in them is that anyone can read the information contained within them. All you need to do is tap your phone against the NFC and the information will immediately be clearly on display. Now that we have discussed all of that, it is time to address why we feel like these problems are a bit overblown, and the primary reason why we tend to say that is that your NFC information is likely not all that sensitive or private in nature.

Rather, this information would just be simple data regarding your business. Someone might be able to get your work number from an NFC without you realizing it, but if you are handing out business cards you would most likely expect someone or the other to give you a call even if you don’t initially know who they are. This proves that there are no considerable security issues that you might face with NFC cards so you can get them made without having to worry about anything going awry to any extent at all.