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*Working* Extratorrents Unblock 2021 – Extratorrent Proxy and Mirror Sites

Earlier everything was so easy offline as well as in the Online world. Everything we wished for, comes to our place. But as we know time is not constant it changes every second so does all our facilities. If we talk about the online world of the internet. Earlier we can easily download movies, download games, etc without any issues. Our all-time favorite site for downloading them was torrents. There were many torrent sites like Extratorrent, Extratorrents, Kickass, etc. But on today’s date, none of them work. So, in order to let them work either we have to use VPNs or proxy to unblock those sites. Extratorrent Proxy

Earlier we talked about 1337x Proxy and now we are talking about Extratorrents. Extratorrents is also the best torrent site for download movies and games but unfortunately, this one is also blocked by the government. So, in order to let our users use this site, we have listed Extratorrents Proxy and Mirror sites that are fully working. Extratorrents got its fame when the most popular Kickass torrent got banned that Extratorrent was the number 1 torrent site to download anything. But after some time when this site becomes popular, it got noticed in the eye of ISP or Govt. and this one also got banned. So, the motive of this article is to create awareness among the users who don’t know how they can access to Extratorrent below we have listed all the methods by which you can access to Extratorrent safely.

What is a Proxy?

Well, a Proxy is nothing but a website that hides the actual site web address so that the ISP and Government can’t trace it and can’t take it down. As Government finds these torrent sites illegal so in many countries these sites are blocked. So, in order to get access to this site by users. Various torrent sites create their proxy so that users can use them but as soon as any proxy gets detected the Government or ISP immediately takes it down. So most of the proxy of torrent websites are not even working. But below we have added the working Extratorrents Proxy and unblocked mirror sites 2018.

What is Extratorrents Unblock or Extratorrent Proxy?

Extratorrents unblock are basically the mirror sites that are created by the Extratorrent so that it won’t get banned by the government or ISP. These Extratorrents unblock or proxy hide the real identity of the torrent in order to confuse the govt. Even if any of the Extratorrents Proxy or Extratorrents mirror site gets ban they can easily create the new one. With the help of extratorrent proxy, you can easily unblock Extratorrent.

How Extratorrent is different from Extratorrents Proxy?

Extratorrent Extratorrent Proxy
They are original sites that help us to download anything. They have copied a version of the original sites which is created by the same torrent. They also help us to download anything.
Government block sites like Extratorrent because of Piracy. Government can’t block proxy because they have no clue about it. They are hosted on another hosting and another domain. They are used to unblock the original sites which is blocked in their country.

Why Torrent sites like Extratorrent Gets Banned?

As we know every torrent site provides us pirated data like pirated games, movies, etc which is illegal because most of those movies and games are paid and these torrent sites provide us for free. So, as a rule of the piracy act, we can’t share any paid thing for free without the permission of the developers that’s the main reason behind the taking down of torrent sites.

Extratorrent Unblocked Proxy Server and Mirror Sites

Below we have listed some working Extratorrent Proxy server and mirror sites. All of them are working very fine we have tested them personally and all are fully updated. You will find tons of articles in Google claiming the same, but most of them are fake here we have listed all the genuine Extratorrent Proxy or Extratorrents Unblock.

So, by far we have figured out two methods by which you can easily access an Extratorrent site.

Method 1 Proxy List Sites

Extratorrents Proxy                                                Speed           Status Normal Working Very Fast Working
  Normal Working
   Fast Working
   Fast Working Fast Working
   Fast Working
    Very Fast Working Very Fast Working Very Fast Working Very Fast Working Very Fast Working Normal Working Very Fast Working
  Normal Working
   Fast Working
   Fast Working Fast Working
   Fast Working


Method 2

Using VPN Extension on your Google Chrome Browser

If you are using a laptop then most probably you have google chrome installed in it. Now in order, to access the blocked Extratorrent site you have to download any extension which works for you. I personally used HOLA Extension it is free and very easy to use.

If you don’t know how to download and install the extension in Google Chrome Browser then simply follow the below steps.

  • First of all, open your Google Chrome web browser.
  • Now in the top right corner, you will see three vertical dots just simply click on it.
  • Now Go to More tools> Extension.
  • Now search for your favorite extension and download & install it.
  • Now the icon will appear on the top right corner of Google chrome just select any random country and see if the site is working or not if it is not then select again any country.

Last Words

So we have shared the two methods for accessing the Extratorrent site first method is by using Extratorrent Proxies and the second method is by using VPN extension in your Google Chrome web browser.

Numbers of VPN are available on the internet and you can use any of them according to your needs. My personal experience with VPN is not that much great but proxy works every time. You can try any other proxy from the above list.

Torrents sites are very popular and very smart as at any moment any of their mirror sites get down they soon release another one. But a system is also getting smart for their closure.

So, this was our article on Extratorrent Proxy Server List and Unblocked Mirror Sites 2018. If you find them useful then share them with your friends and family members.